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Shower Plumbing Headaches

Leaky faucets, clogged shower heads, cold water instead of hot and poor drainage are all a part of the headaches associated with shower plumbing. Most of us do not want to deal with these problems and will call a Germantown plumber. On the other hand, we want to save a little money and may decide the job will be easy and try it ourselves.

By knowing a few simple plumbing facts, you might be able to fix the shower stall yourself. You will need the right tools, but some jobs can be done relatively easy. It all depends on your determination and ability to do some simple steps.

The Shower is Clogged

The problem most people experience in the bathroom is the shower clog. The first thing to check with the shower plumbing is the drain cap to make sure it is free of hair and other debris. In addition, the drain has an inside part that sometimes collects hair and debris that flows through the drain cap. You need to remove the cap and then check to see if the clog appears in this area. You can use a wire of some kind to pull the clog out of the drain.

If you discover that these steps do not clear the shower plumbing problem, you next would try the plunger to see if you can loosen and debris that could be farther down the pipe. After plunging the drain a few times, you can run water to see if you have loosened the clog and the water now drains. If not, you may need to try one more thing before calling for help. Try some Drano and follow the directions and you should clear the clog if it is nothing more serious than a clogged drain.

Shower Plumbing and the Shower Installation

If you want to, you can install your own shower and plumbing without the help of a plumber. Once you have your shower picked out and the plumbing materials in order, you can begin the installation project. You usually receive instructions to follow when installing the shower and plumbing; therefore, you need to follow the directions systematically.

After you turn off your water supply, you can then begin installing the pipes and then check for leaks before sealing up the wall. Many people put a mirror or something over the opening for quick and easy access in emergencies. After the showerhead and all plumbing are installed, you are ready for the first run. Turn the shower plumbing on and see how things flow. All should be fine if you followed directions. It is not very hard to install and fix problems with shower plumbing as long as you follow directions.

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